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So far, you are a coach!

Are you asking questions about yourself? Your practice and your legitimacy as a coach?

Supervision/Mentoring will allow you to answer all these questions and see your coaching posture more clearly!

Our coaching mentors certified by the International Coaching Federation support you in this process to achieve excellence in this profession.

Some topics could come back on the table, so feel free to ask support:

  • Self-awareness and your Coach’s vocation
  • Your Coaching Posture
  • Faced with a specific coaching situation or psychological transfer process with a client
  • Your coaching style and practices
  • Your personal development and coaching performance, alignement with the ICF Core Competency Model)
  • And more…!

Please Note: ICF now grants CCEUs for all supervisions carried out by an ICF Certified Mentor Coach. These hours are useful and important in the renewal process of ACC, PCC and MCC certifications.

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