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According to the ICF’S Global Coaching Studies, 54% of Best Managers and Leaders use coaching skills.

Over 20 years, 350 000 training hours and 30 promotion per year in 8 countries! As the leading European coaching training school, Coaching Ways International is assisting organizations to develop coaching competency at the workplace and most of our clients have adopted the Integrative Approach of Coaching to make their positive changes.

This approach is focusing on the human being & societal dynamic, part of the latest philosophy of organizational change theories and learning processes.

Through this approach, we help executives, managers and their organizations to create: team cohesion, endorse potentials and get them to feel better in a healthy working environment.

This is how Integrative Coaching asserts itself as an extremely effective lever in terms of change management.

Our Expertise:

  • First Line Management Functions Support
  • Cohesion & Team building
  • Executive & Board Committee Coaching
  • Leadership and Talent Development Program
  • Cross-Intercultural Coaching  
  • Health & Wellbeing Coaching
  • Assessment Center & Talent Mapping 
  • Intercultural Coaching and Expat Relocation
  • 180° and 360° analysis
  • Wellbeing BarometerAnalysis
  • Personal Branding Coaching

The ROI for Organisations:

  • Clear goals, strategies and vision
  • Create a collaborative culture
  • Meaningful change and  active transformation
  • Improve team performance and cohesion
  • Enhance commitment and loyalty 
  • Build trust and create collective awareness
  • Boost talents and retention of top performers
  • Co-develop Collective Intelligence
  • Predict conflicts and setup collective intelligence
  • Encourage Health & Wellbeing Mindset
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